Welcome! I’m Laura Blair Irwin.

My goal is to help you have a visceral sense of how powerful you are. So you can use your voice and meet any challenge with your feet on the ground, a calm inner world, and your heart ready to love.

Think of me as a cross between your unconditionally loving sister, a modern-day tribal medicine woman, and that favorite teacher you loved because with them, things finally clicked.

Because I’m part psychotherapist, part intuitive, and part practical educator.

After 20-something years feeling misplaced in the midwest, I made my way to Boulder, Colorado, hungry for depth, purpose, and spiritual connection. I fumbled my way through new-age fluff; empty yogic promises; and plenty of surface-level, fake-it-till-you-make-it spiritual platitudes from teachers not walking their talk.

But I stayed the course. And eventually...I found it.

A deep and abiding sense of my feminine power. Consistent access to my intuition and guidance. Trust in my own voice. Authentic and skillful relationships. And the knowing that I will not shrink or get small for someone else.

I help you feel like you can meet and overcome anything with solid ground under you.

In fact, I’ve been told that one session with me is “more powerful than 10+ sessions with other facilitators.”

I’ve spent thousands of hours supporting dynamic women who, like you, are eager to create drama-free lives of ease, love, and spiritual depth where your relationships actually work. Women who want to feel the nourishing ground of the feminine---the place where fresh insights, trusted wisdom, and clear guidance inhabit your whole body. This is true feminine power.

I often say I’m a “woman’s woman.” Meaning that I’m fiercely devoted to creating spaces where women can thrive, connect, and come into our power together.

After running women’s groups for over 10 years, I do believe that every woman needs a Sisterhood in order to fully shine. That sense of community we turn to for inspiration, nourishment, empowerment, and accountability is crucial to holding us up.

I believe that no matter how far away from yourself you get, you can always come home. With a few key understandings about how your nervous system is wired, plus some help in listening deeply for the wisdom inside, you’ll unlock a rooted understanding of your behaviors, motivations, and needs that’ll help you guide your life.

But understanding alone isn’t enough. Your mind is powerful, but for a full settling-into-yourself, you’ll need your heart, your gut, your whole body. All of you.

I’m known for offering the most loving, creative, and empowering healing process there is.

That’s because I not only care so deeply about you and your unique process, but I’m also passionate about offering you a practical education about the inner workings of relationships, soul + spirit, and personal power.

Through my blog, groups/events, and sessions, you’ll feel the inner support and inspiration you need in order to meet challenge, have healthy relationships, and feel spiritually fulfilled.

I'd truly love to be welcomed into the inner sanctum---your inbox. I write every week about personal power, love + relationships, and spirit + soul.

Know that I don’t pretend to be perfect or have all the answers---I’m human too.

But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning and to come from my heart.

I won’t promise you a surface-level, plastic, or magazine-cover promise that if you just follow these 9 steps you’ll have everything you want, but what I will promise is straight-talking, soulful, psychology-based, spirit-infused, real-life inspiration that often comes from the front lines of my own life.

And if I speak with tears in my eyes, it’s because I care so damn much.