So What About Belonging?

Belonging is a feeling state we aim to create together in group.

  • When we feel a sense of belonging, we heal our isolation, our separateness, our shame.
  • The oxytocin starts flowing and it clears out our stress chemistry and brings us directly into the present moment, which means we see our life "problems" through more creative eyes.
  • We access the deep well of our compassion for ourselves and others. We finally see ourselves clearly and the distortion in our self perception dissolves.
  • Belonging brings us into the field of compassion and unconditional love---the two most powerful healing forces there are.
  • When we belong, we see the uniqueness we are, AND simultaneously, we see how totally universal our story is and how it actually connects us with others.

It's magic. And it's blissful. And it transforms our lives in the best ways possible.

So this is why we practice creating a web of belonging. And this is what people are talking about when they talk about "the healing power of community."

The Web of Belonging is A RELATIONAL PRACTICE that has four main parts to it, which I'll teach at the first evening of each of the 10-week sessions. The four practices have to do with how we share, receive each other, attend to the circle, and offer reflections to each other.

Like any good spiritual practice, it's self-revelatory and deeply nourishing to let yourself be held by it.


So if you long for true connection that feeds your hunger for something deeper, you're in the right place.

This group is designed to support each woman's individual sense of her own power by providing you with a sacred place to belong, connect deeply, heal, use your voice, receive nourishment, and build community.


So bring it all and we'll meet you there.

Your need for deep connection.

Your need to be around others who're speaking the truth and who invite you to speak yours---especially in the places where you don't exactly know what your truth is yet.

Your need to feel it all and be accepted just as you are.

Your need to open your heart to the point where it's revelatory---where by sharing and listening to others, you gain precious clarity about yourself.

Your need to heal from your mother wound or your painful experiences with girls or women.

Your need to cultivate deep, nourishing, and lasting relationships with inspiring women who're truly on your side through life's ups and downs.

Your need to feel a sense of belonging and to be a part of something.

Your need for consistent support from those who really get to know you.


We're ready to welcome you with open hearts.

This is an inspiring community of dynamic and truly passionate women of all ages who're walking the walk of inner exploration and who're growing together. Some have been in this community for years and some, like you, are brand new.

They all gathered for the same reason. They wanted more. A community. A place to show up fully. Nourishment for their soul.

Each woman is welcoming to newcomers and excited to include new energies and perspectives.

What To Expect

Expect to experience nourishing connections and a depth of compassion and love that will fill your cup to overflowing. Expect to grow in your ability to relate skillfully. Expect to expand in your understanding of yourself and what it looks like to feel nourished and filled up by your relationships. Expect a deepening into a sense of sisterhood.


This group includes

10 weeks of weekly group meetings

Individualized support from me

Reflections from other women

Practices that create and support a web of belonging. Use them in group and take them out into the world.

An opportunity to renew and continue on with this community after your initial 10 weeks


Ask your questions

I have a personal meeting with each interested woman before she joins, so you can ask all your questions, and so we can both be 100% sure it's a good fit.

Fill out the form below to sign up for a time to talk and get your questions answered. You can also call me at 303.862.2130. Additional details such as dates, times, and cost can be found below.

Name *


Contact me to enroll in a group in 2018.

Winter 2018: January 17--March 21 Currently Full

Spring 2018: April 4--June 13 (skipping May 2) Enrolling Now

Spring 2018: The School of Belonging Women's Retreat San Diego Enrolling Now

Summer 2018: June 20--August 29 (skipping July 4)

Fall 2018: September 12--November 14


Wednesday* evenings 7:15-9:00 for 10 weeks

The first evening of each 10-week session runs later (until about 9:30) to leave time for orientation and grounding together with a new group.

Location: my home in North Boulder

$575 for the first 10 weeks with the option to renew and continue with the community at a reduced rate.

*Contact me if Thursday evenings would work better.


The groups are intimate, with 8 spots available per session. Fill out the form below to register or ask questions. You can also call me at 303.862.2130.

Name *

Also, to get a better feel for the experience of this group, listen to my interview Sisterhood + Belonging as the Medicine for Burnout. It's rich with info about this community.