Somatic Psychotherapy for Couples and Individuals

Far from the condescending, head-tilting, “Mm-hmm”-ing moral authority figure with a clipboard, sessions with me are about opening up a space for something way bigger to come in.

I work from love.

And love doesn’t even seem like a big enough word, because sometimes it’s soft and affirming, mama-bear style; sometimes fiercely challenging, holding you to your best; and sometimes it’s about me getting out of the way to let your power, your brilliance, you voice come through.

My goal is to help you have a visceral sense of how powerful you are. So you can use your voice and meet any challenge with your feet on the ground, a calm inner world, and your heart ready to love.

Sometimes that means strengthening boundaries. Sometimes it means opening your heart more. Sometimes it means forgiveness. Sometimes it means healing from past hurts. Sometimes it means learning to accept your emotions or circumstances. Sometimes it means expressing what's bottled up.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach.

I work at your pace, but I don’t waste time. You’re unique, so I’ll find the ways that work best for you to create change from the inside out.

I believe your body holds the keys to your healing, so we’ll work somatically, which means sessions with me will include all of you, from the wisdom of your mind, to the feelings in your heart, to the wisdom of your gut, plus all the information I can gather from your body language.

I work intuitively, creatively, and no two sessions are the same. My success with clients comes from a mix of native ability, expert training, and nearly a decade of experience. I’ve spent thousands of hours with clients who, like you, are eager to meet life with a clear voice, feet on the ground, a calm inner world, and a heart ready to love.

You and your partner will be relieved by me not taking sides and helping you each balance how to be fully yourselves with how to support the relationship.

Let’s talk more about your specific situation. First things first---let me do what I do best. Then, scheduling a free consultation is the next step so that you can share your unique details with me, I can share some about how I’ll work specifically with you, and you can ask me questions.

I look forward to meeting you.